zo. 10 jul. 2022 - 15:00

Black Pencil – Mini concert

Miniconcert bij Museum Schokland Muziek

Black Pencil brengt in première een nieuw werk van de vooraanstaande componist Florian Magnus Maier. Hij raakte geïnspireerd door de rijke geschiedenis van Schokland en schreef de compositie ‘Stormproofing’, in opdracht van het Fonds Podiumkunsten. De componist schrijft:

As peaceful and beautiful as the Schokland Museum now sits in its serene, vast open landscape, as difficult must the first settling of this Dutch former island have been for its first inhabitants. In my mind, I imagined myself there, before the first houses, roads or easily accessible waterways, hauling scavenged building materials to a wild, swampy site with my bare hands, erecting shack after rickety shack, only to see them blown over by the merciless winds again and again. The notes of this piece try to capture those green plains as much as the frustrations of battling the elements for bare survival, and the glory of conquering such a site for shelter and future prosperity.

This piece is dedicated to my good friends of Black Pencil.